SoulWork for December 2021–Issue 3: Welp

Some seasons are meant only to be lived. They cannot be processed in real time, cannot be penned down or explained. They just are. These seasons seem to bypass the brain entirely, instead settling down directly in the heart, warm and safe in its chambers.  If you’re like me, during these seasons you find yourself movingContinue reading “SoulWork for December 2021–Issue 3: Welp”

SoulWork for September 2022–Issue 2: OMG It’s Fall!

Welp. It’s fall. Kind of.  Yesterday, it was 90*F here in central Missouri, so that’s weird. In a fit of climate-change fueled attempted optimism, I planted my fall veggies a month late, along with an assortment of other stuff that might just thrive in the warmer temps. The green beans are nearly ready to harvest,Continue reading “SoulWork for September 2022–Issue 2: OMG It’s Fall!”

By way of confession…

I must tell you that a week into September, I was scheduling my days hour by hour. Which was an absolute thrill. Until it wasn’t. By Wednesday of that week feeling off-kilter and a bit resentful of all my commitments. And by Thursday, I wanted to just stay in bed. When next Monday arrived andContinue reading “By way of confession…”