Author’s Notes: After You Break the Ceiling

So thrilled that Bending Genres, a fantastically eclectic online publication, has published my essay, “After You Break the Ceiling.” I wrote the first draft of this essay on the day that Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. (You’ll notice it’s dedicated to Elizabeth.) I appreciated Warren’s platforms, policies, and conduct. But IContinue reading “Author’s Notes: After You Break the Ceiling”

Poem: Work

Work OnceI kept so stillthat the Fiddler crabswhose burrows lay inches from my toesdecided that I bore them no threatand emerged to resume their digging,brandishing distorted claws,sorting grains of sand with infinitesimal clicks,the air full of their collective scuttle. I swear I thoughtthey would scatterat the vibrationsof my pulseas it echoedthrough my feetinto the tidalContinue reading “Poem: Work”

On a talk by Scott Russell Sanders

I’ve been participating in Emergence Magazine’s Writing Beyond the Environment Course over the past few weeks. At our meeting yesterday, we heard from Scott Russell Sanders and were invited into his gathered wisdom as a writer who seeks to illuminate those moments when we find ourselves as humans in deep communion with the natural world,Continue reading “On a talk by Scott Russell Sanders”