Author’s Notes: After You Break the Ceiling

So thrilled that Bending Genres, a fantastically eclectic online publication, has published my essay, “After You Break the Ceiling.” I wrote the first draft of this essay on the day that Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. (You’ll notice it’s dedicated to Elizabeth.) I appreciated Warren’s platforms, policies, and conduct. But IContinue reading “Author’s Notes: After You Break the Ceiling”

SoulWork for January 2022–Issue 4: Holding Silence

Lately, I’ve been holding silence. I find it’s a good winter practice, a time when I’m less distracted by the world and can hunker down in inner spaces that require attention, patience, focus. Let me be clear: holding silence is different than keeping silent… Click here to continue reading SoulWork for January 2022–Issue 4: Holding Silence.Continue reading “SoulWork for January 2022–Issue 4: Holding Silence”

Once more, with intention

I used to have goals. Used to set resolutions. In elementary school, I resolved to “stop biting my nails.” I don’t remember this because I fulfilled my resolution. I remember because my teacher had each of us identify a resolution and then illustrate it, to be hung for all to see on the bulletin boardContinue reading “Once more, with intention”