SoulWork for August 2021–Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of SoulWork, a (roughly) monthly newsletter curated by me, Chelsey Hillyer, founder of Amateur Efforts! I’m so grateful to be invited into your inbox to share reflections, resources, and inspiration from my soul to yours. If you’re looking for slick and polished and perfect, you might want to stop reading now.Continue reading “SoulWork for August 2021–Issue 1”

I thought it would be better by now…

I thought it would be better by now. It’s the refrain that keeps coming up, both within myself and in my conversations with friends, family, and clients. It’s the refrain that we first started singing it over a year ago, when we thought the restrictions, hospitalizations, and death tolls would all ease up after aContinue reading “I thought it would be better by now…”

Poem: Work

Work OnceI kept so stillthat the Fiddler crabswhose burrows lay inches from my toesdecided that I bore them no threatand emerged to resume their digging,brandishing distorted claws,sorting grains of sand with infinitesimal clicks,the air full of their collective scuttle. I swear I thoughtthey would scatterat the vibrationsof my pulseas it echoedthrough my feetinto the tidalContinue reading “Poem: Work”