Author’s Notes: After You Break the Ceiling

So thrilled that Bending Genres, a fantastically eclectic online publication, has published my essay, “After You Break the Ceiling.” I wrote the first draft of this essay on the day that Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. (You’ll notice it’s dedicated to Elizabeth.) I appreciated Warren’s platforms, policies, and conduct. But IContinue reading “Author’s Notes: After You Break the Ceiling”

Poem: Work

Work OnceI kept so stillthat the Fiddler crabswhose burrows lay inches from my toesdecided that I bore them no threatand emerged to resume their digging,brandishing distorted claws,sorting grains of sand with infinitesimal clicks,the air full of their collective scuttle. I swear I thoughtthey would scatterat the vibrationsof my pulseas it echoedthrough my feetinto the tidalContinue reading “Poem: Work”