Once more, with intention

I used to have goals. Used to set resolutions. In elementary school, I resolved to “stop biting my nails.” I don’t remember this because I fulfilled my resolution. I remember because my teacher had each of us identify a resolution and then illustrate it, to be hung for all to see on the bulletin boardContinue reading “Once more, with intention”

By way of confession…

I must tell you that a week into September, I was scheduling my days hour by hour. Which was an absolute thrill. Until it wasn’t. By Wednesday of that week feeling off-kilter and a bit resentful of all my commitments. And by Thursday, I wanted to just stay in bed. When next Monday arrived andContinue reading “By way of confession…”

From the Good for the Soul File: Pens, Connection, and Pandemic

From the Good for the Soul File: A couple of years ago, a group from the congregation I served invited me to come up for a day of their service trip at a global distribution center. In my time there, we packed clothes for newborns and infants, we organized storage rooms, a few of usContinue reading “From the Good for the Soul File: Pens, Connection, and Pandemic”