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We all have values, ideals, intentions, and hopes. But how do we actually make them a part of our daily life? How do we create the structure we need to become the version of ourselves we hope to be.

A Personal Rule of Life at its most basic is a plan for self-care and action that takes our rhythms, schedules, and real lives into account. By honoring both our dreams and limitations, we can listen to our lives and act with integrity.

What we’ll do together:
Over the course of three one-hour virtual meetings, I’ll help you to create your own Personal Rule of Life. During our meetings, we’ll work on identifying:

  • The realistic rhythms of your life. What aspects of your life demand the most attention, energy, and effort? What’s your natural rhythm? We will look at the tension between an ideal world and reality and develop a plan for balanced life.
  • Your motivations. When all external expectations are stripped away, what motivates you? We will explore how to motivate yourself gently and naturally.
  • Life-giving practices. What are the activities and actions that fill you up? That make you feel like yourself? That fulfill your purpose? We will explore how these can become a part of your daily life.

Between sessions, I’ll share additional resources with you to deepen your reflection and planning.

At the end of our time, you can expect to have a Rule of Life to help you approach your daily, weekly, and monthly life with intentionality.

What’s it cost?

Cost is $300. Because we all deserve a break at the end of this freaking year, cost is $150 if you register before December 31st, 2021. (That’s a sweet deal.) Also, because I seek to offer equitable rates, if this amount is unworkable for you, please see my Fair Rates page.

I’m also open to work with a pair of people who will serve as accountability partners to each other for the same fee. My only stipulation is that pairs not be romantic partners. Indicate your interest when you sign up and I will follow up with more information to see if this is a good option.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register through Google Forms, which will include information about payment, timing, etc.

How do I know a Rule of Life is right for me? What if I start and it’s not?

If you read any of this and felt excited by the idea of creating a sustainable rhythm of life made up of practices and action rooted in your values, then you’re probably ready for Rule of Life.

If you want to start smaller, consider working with me to Intention Setting for a New Year.

However, if either of us discern it’s not the right path after we get started, we’ll have an honest conversation. I’m open to pro-rating sessions if you decide to defer this work to later. Or, we can explore alternative ways I can support your goals.

Still not sure it’s right for you?

Contact me and I’ll be happy to set up a time for us to discuss any questions you have and help you decide what might work.

I love questions.
Let’s chat.

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