Fair Rates

If this is work you want to do, we’ll make it work.

While my base rates reflect my training, education, and experience, I also want to work with anyone who feels like this work is right for them. Here are a few options:

Payment Plans

If you can’t pay in one lump sum, but would be able to pay rates over a longer period of time, we can set up a payment plan.

Equitable Compensation

If you are unable to pay full rates, we can explore equitable compensation, in which you pay me the hourly rate you get paid.

Employer Funds

If your workplace offers continuing education or personal development funds, this work may be eligible to be paid through such a fund. I can help you navigate finding this out.

Goods or Service Trade

If you are unable to offer monetary payment, in special situations, I will accept goods or services as a trade for coaching services. Terms would be agreed by both parties beforehand.

I love questions.
Let’s chat.

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