On Surviving the Cold: Don’t Worry, This One’s Funny

On a recent Saturday night in January, I hustled through the spiteful cold of a parking lot to the refuge of a nightclub. “Refuge” is not a word I typically associate with “nightclub,” and I chose it specifically so that you might understand just how cold the evening was. HOW COLD WAS IT? It wasContinue reading “On Surviving the Cold: Don’t Worry, This One’s Funny”

On the Language of Trees: An Elegy for Mary Oliver

When I was a child, I prayed to trees. Not to any particular tree–I had nothing like a shrine or altar. But whenever I needed the calming constancy of something more deeply rooted than myself, I’d journey beyond my house to find a timber full of strength and refuge. There, the hum and whir ofContinue reading “On the Language of Trees: An Elegy for Mary Oliver”

Premature Author’s Notes–The Birding Story

Premature Author’s Notes are for a piece that I am still in the process of writing. For some reason, I have stalled out and need the exercise of imagining my future self talking about the inspiration, origins, and writing process for the story as if it has been accepted to a prestigious literary publication. It is aContinue reading “Premature Author’s Notes–The Birding Story”