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The Art of Presence: A 5-Session Introduction to Circles of Trust
Monthly Virtual Meetings from 4-6pm Central Time on:
•Monday, January 24
• Monday, February 28
•Monday, March 21
•Monday, April 25
•Monday, May 23

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The many demands of life and living can be overwhelming.  In work, family  and personal life It’s easy to lose our way, our center, and our ability to show up whole.

During these 5 gatherings, we use practices and principles rooted in the Circle of Trust approach in order to clear away inner clutter and connect again with what gives you energy and purpose for living and working.

Participants will experience the Circle of Trust® approach firsthand, which includes time for large group conversation, small group conversation, and personal reflection. In these sessions, the facilitators will support you as the expert in your own life through multi-modal experiences and trustworthy community. Our hope is that participants will engage skills and practice for showing up whole in your life.

Themes include:

  • Circling Up: Creating Trustworthy Space
  • Beyond Small Talk: Asking Honest and Open Questions
  • Your Best Self: Living with Authecticity and Integrity
  • Living in a Messy World: Practicing the Power of Paradox
  • The Power of Real Community: Nurturing Courage Together

Participants are encouraged to attend all 5 sesssions.
Those who wish to attend individual sessions are welcome as well.

COSTS   Cost for all five sessions $200 or $50 per session if taken individually.  No one will be turned away for financial reasons. Please contact one of the facilitators to make alternate arrangements. Donations in a greater amount are gratefully accepted and will be used to offer scholarships to those who may not otherwise be able to pay a full amount.

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