Teaching and Facilitation

Chelsey D. Hillyer is a writer, facilitator, activist, clergy person, mother, spouse, and guinea pig owner. You can learn more by visiting the About page.

What you need to know about her teaching and facilitation:

I am a trained facilitator. I had the privilege of learning the Circle of Trust Model from Parker Palmer as a part of my completion of the Facilitator Preparation Program through the Center for Courage and Renewal. I am also a trained Stephen Ministry Leader.

I love to create spaces for collaborative exploration. Few of us learn best in environments where we cannot actively participate in our learning. My style incorporates multiple learning modes and uses the power of relationship to increase understanding.

I’m dedicated to non-violent practice. This means that I’m actively working on dismantling my own prejudices, examining my own participation in structures of oppression and working to do better. I am LGBTQ+ and affirming, anti-racist, womanist, and post-colonial in my approach to non-violence, and this undergirds my teaching style.

Everything is formation.

We learn best in environments where we can bring the breadth of our learned and lived experiences to bare into dialogue with those of each other. Learning is about connection, not just with a subject, but with each other.

As a trained facilitator and teacher, I bring the resources of my training as well as years of experience in leading groups in adult formation and learning. Whether you are looking for someone to offer a course on a specific topic or seeking a facilitator to help explore deeper questions, I will bring a gentle, humor-filled style that enables participants to settle in and dig deep.

Topics I’m most often asked to teach or facilitate:

  • Alignment of soul and role
  • Listening as a foundational skill
  • Creating environments of collaboration
  • Creativity and creative practice
  • Activism as a part of spiritual life
  • Beginning anti-racism
  • LGBTQ+ advocacy
  • Resiliency and self-care

To hire me for a teaching or facilitation engagement, contact me here. Or, see below for upcoming events!

Essential Skills for Good Humans

The landscape of our lives and culture is drastically shifting. What skills and practices are really essential for navigating the world in ways that respect the self and other?

Over the course of 2021, Chelsey and guest teachers will guide you through a group learning experience in which we will engage in practical skills to help us better engage our inner lives, local environments, and global communities. More info coming soon.

I love questions.
Let’s chat.

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