Chelsey D. Hillyer is a writer, facilitator, activist, clergy person, mother, spouse, and guinea pig owner. You can learn more by visiting the About page.

What you need to know about inviting me to speak:

I love to collaborate. As a speaker, my role is to support your vision. The more information you can give me about your event, the audience or congregation, and what you hope to accomplish through inviting me to speak, the better.

I’m not afraid of difficult topics or conversations. Money? Sex? Death? I’ve spoken on them all. I love to offer the chance to sit with deep, challenging questions and to invite listeners to engage them with me. I believe in speaking the truth with love.

I’m dedicated to non-violent practice. This means that I’m actively working on dismantling my own prejudices, examining my own participation in structures of oppression and working to do better. I am LGBTQ+ and affirming, anti-racist, womanist, and post-colonial in my approach to non-violence.

Let me speak to your soul.

I am a dynamic, engaging, and compassionate speaker, capable of inspiring belly laughs, sighs of understanding, tears of insight and eye rolls (because, Dad jokes). Whether you need a speaker who can inspire courage or conspire for change, I will show up with words fit for the occassion.

As a skilled and experienced speaker, I’ve honed my abilities to read audiences, to develop meaningful messages and to inspire action through my years as a weekly preacher. I still love to preach the Gospel and would be happy to guest preach. But I have also found that the depth of soul experiences can be conveyed to groups outside the church, too.

I’ve spoken at youth conferences, business gatherings, organizational retreats, and more. I love working to communicate to a variety of audiences in life-giving ways.

Topics I’m most often asked to speak about:

  • Alignment of soul and role
  • Putting values into action
  • Creating environments of collaboration
  • Creativity and creative practice
  • Organizational inspiration
  • Creating rituals for organizational or everyday life

If you are looking for someone to fill the spirit with hope and encouragement, please contact me to discuss how I can help!

To invite Chelsey to speak, or to begin a conversation about your event, please contact her here.

I love questions.
Let’s chat.

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