Intention Setting for a New Year

Neon sign in window that reads, "Life is Now."

Look forward with intention.

I love intention-setting. I do it every year. Hell, I do it every week.

Intentions are distinct from goals. Where goals deal in the quantifiable, intentions hold space for the qualitative. Goals demand What will you do? Intentions invite How do you want to be?

You can set intentions any time, but thresholds and transitions offer up a special kind of energy for intention-setting. So, as you move into 2022, consider setting aside some time to explore how you’d like to live into the new year.

Register now.

What we’ll do, in three parts:

  1. We’ll have an initial 30-minute meeting (via Zoom) to get to know each other. I’ll also share some teaching on intention-setting. I’ll follow up via email with some questions to help get you thinking about your intentions. Think of these questions as a chance to sketch out reality–what can you control, what can’t you control, what you wish you could control. You’ll send these back to me.
  2. We’ll meet virtually for a one hour coaching session, where I’ll share insight and resources from my own work and experience with intention-setting. There’s no formula for this conversation, so you can expect it to flow organically, as I utilize open and honest questions to help you identify intentions in areas of your life most important to you.
  3. I’ll follow up via email in early 2022 to see how your work is coming, to answer any questions, and to help you adjust intentions as needed.

What’s it cost?

Cost is $50. Because I seek to offer equitable rates, if this amount is unworkable for you, please see my Fair Rates page.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register through Google Forms, which will include information about payment, timing, etc.

What if I want more than just one session? Or if I want to create a more detailed plan?

We can always add additional sessions, so feel free to sign up for Intention Setting and see where it takes us. Or, you can take a look at Creating a Personal Rule of Life, where, over the course of 3 meetings, we will develop a plan of meaningful practices connected to your intentions.

Still not sure it’s right for you?

Contact me and I’ll be happy to set up a time for us to discuss any questions you have and help you decide what might work.

I love questions.
Let’s chat.

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